Welcome to the ninth major revision of joshmadison.com.

While things may not look different cosmetically, under the hood, things are completely different.  The software used to publish this site was changed from ExpressionEngine to WordPress.

While all the old content is still here, this change means that all the old links won’t work.  I’ve taken steps, and used some wizardry, to translate the old links into the new ones, but I’m sure some things will have fallen through the cracks.

Additionally, the RSS feed will look a little wonky since readers will see it as all new, but that should clear up in a day or two.

If you spot something funky, or have a question, suggestion, issue, or concern, please let me know via email, or leave a comment.

(As of now, not all of Woody’s Chalkboards have been correctly migrated. They will be updated within a few days.)

Update: All of Woody’s Chalkboards have been migrated properly.