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Vitruvian Man may have had a hernia

Slate explains how Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” may be the perfect illustration of man…because of a hernia.

But in selecting his model for human perfection, Leonardo also managed to depict how our perfect bodies, upon closer inspection, are never so perfect after all. His sketch also reminds us that there is a certain futility in humans’ historic search for an exemplar, the one individual we can all point to and call the pinnacle of the human form.

I just thought it was his pubes.

Tent Camera

Photographer Abelardo Morell uses a tent and a periscope-like lens to project images onto the ground, which he then photographs. The melding of the two produce very interesting images.

Inside this space I pho­to­graph the sand­wich of these two out­door real­i­ties meet­ing on the ground. Depend­ing on the qual­ity of the sur­face, these views can take on a vari­ety of painterly effects.

Love the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Palazzo dei conservatori.

Artist paints with his eyes

Artist Leandro Granato snorts paint and squirts it out of his eyes onto canvas.

He has to weep out up to a pint and a half (800ml) of watercolours to make each one of his creations. Buyers are so impressed with his unusual technique that they are prepared to pay an eye-watering £1,500 to own one.

Warhol said it best, “Art is anything you can get away with.”

Size Comparison of EVERYTHING

Artist Lexinator117 gives us the comparative sizes of many different objects, both real and imagined.

Never realized the Titanic was that big.

Giant sphere made from old umbrellas

SLO Architecture made a giant floating sphere made from discarded umbrella spines and plastic bottles.

The designers call it the “physical revelation of the city’s accumulated water-borne debris.” Schachter and Levi harvested 450 seasonally discarded storm-snapped umbrellas from the city’s sidewalks and trashcans to build the dome, one of the most beautiful and abstract structural forms an architect can make.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed the fact that the first one floated to Riker’s Island and was quickly destroyed.

Dutch artists wish George Orwell a ‘Happy Birthday’

In celebration of George Orwell’s 110th birthday, and to highlight the 1984ification of modern society, two Dutch artists placed birthday hats on public surveillance cameras.


Kids with their toys

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled the world and photographed kids with their toys.

Yet even children worlds apart share similarities when it comes to the function their toys serve. Galimberti talks about meeting a six-year-old boy in Texas and a four-year-old girl in Malawi who both maintained their plastic dinosaurs would protect them from the dangers they believed waited for them at night – from kidnappers and poisonous animals respectively.

Do NOT mess with the kid from Ukraine.

Floor plans from TV shows

Artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has drawn floor plans from a number of TV shows. Similar to artist Mark Bennett, but much less formal and much more colorful.

They both did Frasier’s apartment from Frasier.

Blow Job

Photographer Tadao Cern blasted people’s faces with air and photographed the results. They are so awesome.

White products

Brand Spirit is a tumblr that reduces mass marketed items to their purest form by painting them white, removing all visual branding.

Almost all are easily recognized.