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Loyalty to any one sports team is pretty hard to justify. Because the players are always changing — the team can move to another city — you’re actually rooting for the clothes, when you get right down to it. You know what I mean? You are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city. Fans will be so in love with a player, but if he goes to another team, they boo him. This is the same human being in a different shirt — they hate him now. Boo! Different shirt!! Boo!

— Jerry Seinfeld

I was talking with my boss about his kids and their tricycles and, out of curiosity, I wanted to see what Big Wheels looked like in this day and age, so I hit Amazon.com to see what’s out there. I found this cool new trike that seems to convert between a big wheel and a coffee maker.  What will they think of next?

Radio Flyer Twist Trike on Amazon.com

During the recent trip to Philly, I saw this ad for Chick-fil-a. I thought it was cute. Never been to a Chick-fil-a, but a few people at work like it.

Chick-fil-a billboard