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In mid-January, the Wall Street Journal analyzed the actual amount of play time of the average football game. They added up the amount of time the ball was actually alive and in play in four different games, and it averaged out to about 11 minutes. They concluded that the average game broadcast on TV shows 17 minutes of replays and 67 minutes of players standing around. With the biggest game of the year coming up, I decided to do my own analysis of the actual play time. Here are the results:

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It’s taunting, and mocking, and generally just having a good time at my expense. Case in point:


Why don’t they match? Why?!

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Well, I fought through the laziness and went to change the clock on the coffee maker.  It took about 10 minutes but I got it done.  The only problem is that I’m not sure that I didn’t eff up some of the other settings while trying to figure out how to change it.

The hardest clock to change now is the automatic on/off timer for the fish tank light.  It’s an analog circular device that is not very accurate.  Usually the lights go on and off within 30 minutes of the preset time, so it always takes a few days of trial and error to get it right.

Whenever it’s time to change the clocks, I always have a hard time getting every clock.  The alarm clock is usually taken care of automatically since it’s one of those that syncs with the atomic clock using radio signals.  If that doesn’t work, I do it manually.  The clock in the living room I also do manually right away since it is the clock I look at most.  Watches are done the first time I wear them after the time change.  The two that always present a problem are the coffee maker, and the microwave oven.

The coffee maker is just hard to change, so it always waits a day or two while I look for the manual.  The dangerous thing about this is that the coffee is not ready when I wake up, which makes for a cranky Josh.  The microwave is a problem because I only use the clock on it while I’m washing the dishes, but because my hands are all wet and soapy, I don’t change it when I look at it and see that it’s off, and by the time I am done washing the dishes, I have forgotten all about it.

I guess now would be a good time to change both, but I’m lazy and will probably just go to bed instead.