Aug 22, 2002


I was on my way to work one day, and as I descended the subway steps to the N, R, and W line, I noticed that a train was waiting on the platform with the doors open. I ran down the steps and toward the door to the train.

Being that it was the morning and my mind was not up to speed yet, I forgot that I’m 6’6” and on those lines I must lower my head a little bit to get in without knocking myself out.

There were two hits.

The first was my head hitting the top of the door. The second was my body hitting the ground. I was stunned that one moment I was running for the train, and the next I was looking up at the ceiling of the platform with pain coming from my forehead. The lower half of my body was in the train, while the rest of me was on the platform.

The doors tried to close, but my waist prevented them. Someone on the train asked if I was OK. I said that I thought so as I tried to raise myself from my inclined position. I managed to get up and get in the car before the doors tried to close again.

I developed a small bump on my head that lasted for six days as a result of the incident.

I’ve learned that I should no longer run for a train. If I make it, I make it. If not, another one will be along in a few minutes.