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A remnant of an old city plan from 1821


Photographs of cross sections of various cigars
I went on a tour of the studio for Obscura Day
I went on a tour of the facility for Obscura Day
I went on a tour of the abandoned area of Ellis Island
A look, in numbers, at the movies that I watched in 2016


A Wagner College drummer at the 2016 Columbus Day Parade
A replica 1910 Hanriot in flight
History enshrined on Essex Street...for now
A plaque on an old fire escape
How tall I am in non-established units of measure, and vice versa
I was called for jury duty, and was actually on a trial
A photo of the Brooklyn Bridge on a rainy night
A look, in numbers, at the movies that I watched in 2015
A timelapse of the melting Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark


My thoughts on the newest Star Wars movie (with spoilers up the wazoo).
A critical look at a New Yorker cartoon
A photo of the Little Red Lighthouse in northern Manhattan
A photo of Grand Central Terminal
A look, in numbers, at the movies that I watched in 2014



A few photos from a recent trip to Belmont Park
How long does the last two minutes of a March Madness game actually take?


OpSail brought tall ships to New York for Memorial Day and Fleet Week.


Photographs of cross sections of various cigars
A sale sign on a New York street


An analysis of the actual football play time during the 2010 Super Bowl


A photo tour of the Brooklyn Bridge
A look, in pictures, at a Chia Pet planting


The two cookies duke it out in an office environment
A list of fortune cookie fortunes I've received
What happens when a BlackBerry goes head-to-head with an NYC bus


An analysis of the colors in a case of M&M's to see if they match the published percentages
Some key combinations you're forced to memorize, some, you're not
I don't spend enough time reading, and I'm going to try and change that
A look at how much toilet paper I used in a year


I won the lottery and got to meet U2 at their NYC book signing
I report my findings after using a Mac for one year as my primary computer
I got a temperature gun and pointed it at a ton of things
People who find my site search for weird stuff
I attended an Apple Store grand opening because I had nothing better to do


A trip to the Bronx Zoo
Christo's "art" in Central Park


An analysis of the weight of the NY Times
Eating well is tough
My experience with a George Foreman Grill


An experiment to see if Coke really dissolves a nail after four days like the email says
Danger lurks near my apartment
Why are at least two rock doves obsessed with my window?


My favorite Chinese restaurant wished me well
A look at the 2002 Saint Patrick's Day Parade


A look at my attempt to make beer at home
The one photo I took that day
NYC had a nice sized blizzard at the end of 2000


I put together Puzz-3D's enormous NYC puzzle
On July 4, 2000, OpSail put on its show for New York


A story and photos of the view from my old office