Jun 20, 2006

CNN’s Breaking News Annoys Me

I subscribe to CNN’s Breaking News e-mail alerts. I figured that since I have a BlackBerry, I can get important news e-mailed to me so I can be aware of it without having to check the web site. For a little while it was good in that the news that was considered “breaking” was actually news that might be considered important.

That has changed. I think that whoever is pulling the trigger on what is breaking news has a very low threshold, or, they are paid by the number of breaking news items they send out. Below are just three “Breaking News” items that CNN saw fit to send me recently:

  • Don Knotts died.
  • Ben Rothlisburger to be issued summons for failing to wear a helmet and have a proper motorcycle license.
  • Dan Rather reaches agreement with CBS News to leave the network after 44 years.

You’re joking, right?

Update: I threw up a page that keeps track of the ridiculous ones. They’ve gotten a lot better.