Apr 30, 2007

Cheesesteak Taste Test

Geno's Steaks

Even though the primary purpose of my recent trip to Philly was to see the King Tut exhibit, a secondary objective was to perform a taste test between the two most famous cheesesteak establishments in Philly, Pat’s and Geno’s.

To perform this test, we decided to get “one wit” from each, cut them in half, and then attack each half. For those who don’t know, “one wit” is your standard Philly Cheesesteak with steak, Cheez Whiz, and fried onions.

After eating both halves, I thought they were both very tasty and enjoyable, but I think that Pat’s wins out in the test, not for taste, but for construction. Geno’s steaks are much larger and thicker, and there’s a chance that with one bite, you could potentially pull out a large chunk of steak, thereby rendering the sandwich useless. While that did not happen to me, each bite was taken with a bit of trepidation to avoid that situation. Pat’s was enjoyed a bit more because I could just eat without worrying.

This is by no means my final decision, and I will perform this taste test again the next chance I get. I also plan on trying Jim’s at some point because it was recommended by a Philly native.

Didn’t get to try water ice and a pretzel, but will also try them during a future trip.