May 13, 2007

The Middle-finger of your Dominant Hand is Important

I seem to have done a number on the middle-finger of my right hand. It’s swelled up about as much as it can, and it’s quite painful if any real pressure is applied to it. I can’t clench my fist because of it.

This happened Friday, and since then, I’ve found out how much I depend on it to do basic things in my life, and I’ve had to make adjustments…

  • Let’s get the most important one out of the way first. Wiping. I’ve had to make adjustments to my normal wiping technique. This is by far the most disturbing change I’ve had to make due to this injury, especially considering that I’ve used the same wiping technique for as long as I can remember.
  • I normally keep my apartment keys in my right-hand pocket. I can’t get anything out of my right-hand pocket easily now, so I’ve had to shift them to my left-hand pocket.
  • I can’t play with my Wii (sounds strange, don’t it?).
  • It hurts to write. Not impossible, but it’s not comfortable. The interesting thing is that the only writing with a pen I do, in general, is to sign credit card receipts. Typing is fine because there is no real pressure applied to the finger.
  • Operating my light switches. Most of my light switches are dimmers and are the circular type, and it hurts every time I turn on a light or turn if off. I never realized that I used my middle-finger that much when using the switches.
  • Smoking a cigar. What good is having a 2005 Limited Edition Cohiba if it hurts to hold it?
  • Forget about opening a bottle. Even using my left hand to open it leads to the middle-finger hurting while holding it in my right.

Perhaps I should get it checked out?