M&M’s Color Distribution Analysis Graphs

Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 3:10pm By

Below are some graphs of M&M Color Distribution Analysis.

M&M's Total Percent

M&M average per pack

M&M min/max

M&M total count per pack

Blue M&M count per pack

Brown M&M count per pack

Green M&M count per pack

Orange M&M count per pack

Red M&M count per pack

Yellow M&M count per pack

2 comments on ‘M&M’s Color Distribution Analysis Graphs’

  1. Pete Westerman says:

    Hey! I am totally doing this project in school right now! haha oh well.  I won’t steal your information I promise.  Oh btw.  This was a complete waste of time.

  2. Christopher Carlson says:

    this gave me a boner.  the green M&M makes me hot and hard

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