Apr 13, 2008

Stuffed Chicken Breast

This was a somewhat complicated recipe for me because of the three items that have to be prepped and cooked, the stuffing, the chicken, and the sauce. They really shouldn’t be counted as three separate items since they are all made in the same pan, and the sauce is made from the remnants of the chicken cooking. In fact, you could make the stuffing way ahead of time if you wanted to.

I won’t go into the recipe because it’s copyrighted by Cook’s Illustrated, but I will say that it uses a mushroom based stuffing. It was really well done, relatively easy, and came out great…even in my hands.

I’ll go into why I love Cook’s Illustrated in another post. In the meantime, you can compare their pic with mine below. They have white plates, and great lighting. I don’t. But beyond that, I’d say they are similar.