Someone at Apple Support has a Sense of Humor

A while ago I had to call Apple’ s phone support due to a problem with my laptop. Being somewhat technically inclined, first level support was useless to me, so they put me on hold while transferring me to second level. What I heard on hold made me laugh.

Apple has music playing while on hold, and the song was already playing when I was put on hold. I recognized it as a Tom Petty song instantly, wasn’t completely sure of the name of the song, but I was able to sing it as it went by (to myself…I generally don’t subject strangers to my singing). As the song got closer to the chorus, and I anticipated the lyrics, I began to laugh and wonder if the song selection was made purposely.

It was Tom Petty’s “The Waiting”, which contains the line, “The waiting is the hardest part”.

How apropos.

Feb 17, 2009