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So I finally got off my lazy butt and took my bags of change to TD Bank’s Penny Arcade to cash in.  Take a guess at how much the total amount was in the comments.  The person who gets closest by Friday, April 2nd, at noon NYC time gets, as my father was fond of giving me, “the satisfaction of a job well done”.

Update: The total has been revealed in the comments below.

Some Details

  • There were a total of 13 bags.  The twelve above, plus one more that was half-filled with the change from the top of my dresser.
  • The 13 bags weighed a total of 97 pounds.
  • It took me three trips to completely cash in because I can’t carry 100 pounds the 4 long blocks to the bank.  The first two trips I carried two sandwich bags and two quart size bags.  The third trip I carried five quart sized bags (which was the limit that I could have carried).
  • The bags are filled with completely random denominations of coins.  I do not use quarters for laundry, so almost all of my spare change goes in these bags.
  • The four bags in the middle are sandwich bags, and are filled to capacity.  The bags in the top and bottom row are quart size bags and are pretty much filled to capacity.  The 13th bag is a quart size bag, but only half filled (pic below).

During the processing of the last trip, the machine had to stop counting because the Penny Arcade’s internal bags filled up.  It started counting away again once the bags were changed.

13 comments on ‘Guess How Much’

  1. Sharni says:

    Well, I really have no idea since I am not terribly familiar with your coinage… so I will say $333.33 grin

    Also, you are a pussy. I could have carried them all in one go.

    I recently cashed in my coins and got $242, but we have $1 and $2 coins. I also used some at the markets (don’t tell Pete). I carried all mine in one go.

  2. Jeff says:

    Well I couldn’t carry 100lbs in one go so don’t feel bad. And the last time I went to a laundromat was when our dryer died. Epic story that only ended when I emailed the MD for a refund (I know him).
    So, say $20 a bag, I put it at $260.00. I know there’s a half bag somewhere but I’ll use that as my make up change for bags less than $20.00.
    And if I win, tell Dad hi for me.

  3. Ken Rob says:

    It looks like about $345.67 give or take a few cents.
    Over what period of time did you amass your change collection?
    Do you plan to do any thing special with the total?
    How do you end up with so much change? The only thing I pay cash for is haircuts; everything else goes on a card I pay off every month.
    A back-pack is convenient way to haul heavy loads long distances.
    Thorouthly enjoy your site,I check it frequently!
    If I win, will trade my soajwd for 2 attaboy’s.

  4. Colleen says:

    Ok I have seen some of those bags and they were chock full of quarters…. so my vote is for $768.38…
    Btw if I win… dinner at Patsy’s would be great!

  5. So, I read your impressive detailed information.  While interesting, it is also distracting… like trying to figure out a riddle whose answer is obvious except that you get confused by the verbose detail.
    Anyway, just looking at the bags I thought “$25-$30 per bag… averages to $350 or so.”
    However, I am horrid at guessing so I am going with $432.17

  6. Anita Madison says:

    I am guessing $625.68

  7. Victor says:

    I’ll take a stab at it!

  8. Mike says:


  9. Straddle Parker says:


  10. Ryan says:

    penny = 2.500 grams -> 0.400 cents/gram
    nickel = 5.000 grams -> 1.000 cents/gram
    dime = 2.268 grams -> 4.409 cents/gram
    quarter = 5.670 grams -> 4.409 cents/gram
    Assuming there is an equal distribution of coins, we get 2.555 cents/gram. Using Convert, I know that one pound is 453.5924 grams. So, (2.555 cents/gram)*(453.5924 grams/lb)*(97 lbs)*(1/100 $/cents) = $1124.16!

  11. alan says:

    I will say $787.67 you should of waited until you hit 100 pounds then cashed in.  That way the world would have a good idea of how much 100 pounds of US coinage is worth.

  12. Josh says:

    The first four bags, which were two quart and two sandwich size bags, came to $320.93.
    The second four bags, two quarts and two sandwiches like the first, yielded $377.44.
    The third trip, which was four and a half quart size bags, returned $618.07.
    The total of all bags came to $1,316.44.
    Ryan came closest.  Congratulations and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

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