March 27, 2010

Guess How Much

So I finally got off my lazy butt and took my bags of change to TD Bank’s Penny Arcade to cash in. Take a guess at how much the total amount was in the comments. The person who gets closest by Friday, April 2, at noon NYC time gets, as my father was fond of giving me, “the satisfaction of a job well done”.

Some Details

  • There were a total of 13 bags. The twelve above, plus one more that was half-filled with the change from the top of my dresser.
  • The 13 bags weighed a total of 97 pounds.
  • It took me three trips to completely cash in because I can’t carry 100 pounds the 4 long blocks to the bank. The first two trips I carried two sandwich bags and two quart size bags. The third trip I carried five quart sized bags (which was the limit that I could have carried).
  • The bags are filled with completely random denominations of coins. I do not use quarters for laundry, so almost all of my spare change goes in these bags.
  • The four bags in the middle are sandwich bags, and are filled to capacity. The bags in the top and bottom row are quart size bags and are pretty much filled to capacity. The 13th bag is a quart size bag, but only half filled (pic below).

During the processing of the last trip, the machine had to stop counting because the Penny Arcade’s internal bags filled up. It started counting away again once the bags were changed.