Jan 10, 2011

Through the Peephole

My old apartment had an old style peephole which allowed me an undistorted view through my door. Combine that with the fact that I had an end apartment which had a view of the entire hallway of my floor, and the voyeur in me couldn’t help but take a peek at my neighbors whenever I heard them in the hallway.

After noticing that my Coolpix 990 fit perfectly over the peephole and could take pictures silently, I decided to try to take a photo whenever I heard something going on in the hallway.

The following twelve photos were taken between late 2001 and early 2003.

The peephole. To look through it, you press the small lever on the right, and the little window in the middle would open
The view through the peephole. Stairs on the left, apartments straight ahead and on the right with the garbage chute.
Grocery delivery.
Next door neighbor food delivery.
No idea.
Neighbor heading out (that's a portable CD player in her left hand).
Neighbors heading out with a box of garbage.
Neighbor coming home.
Neighbor moving out.
Neighbor throwing garbage out.
Building staff cleaning up.
Neighbor moving in.