Feb 9, 2016

2015 In Movies

In 2014 I watched over 200 movies, coming close to doubling my yearly average. I blamed that on the fact that there wasn’t much to watch on TV. In 2015, I watched 112 movies, which is one off from the yearly average. I attribute the sudden decline from the prior year to the fact that I did, in fact, watch a lot more television, especially shows that had been recommended to me after having been on for a few seasons, like Vikings, Death in Paradise, Shetland, DCI Banks, etc., and watching all of the seasons of The X-Files in anticipation of the 10th season. Additionally, I did not commit myself to watching all of the movies in a series like James Bond or Aliens/Predators, etc. (I say that as I’m just finishing up watching all of the Harry Potter movies).

I think the standout new movie from 2015 was Ex Machina.

Final Tallies

I watched 112 movies, which is right in line with my yearly average. Those 112 movies totaled up to 12,665 minutes, which is about 211 hours, or 8.8 days. The average length of a movie was 113 minutes.

41 of the movies were rated R, 27 were PG-13, 18 were PG, and the rest were either not rated or some older “general” type from the early days of movie ratings.

I “loved” 10 of the movies I saw, “really liked” 22, “liked” 58, and thought that 22 were either “just OK” or worse.

The months with the highest totals were December (20), July (15), and January (14). June had the lowest total with just 3, while May, September, October, and November had just 5 each.