AFI Top 100 Statistics

Some possibly interesting statistics about the movies I’ve seen since 2001.

Top 15 Actors Seen

ActorNumber of Movies Seen In
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Top 15 Directors Seen

DirectorNumber of Movies Seen


Ratings Break Down

RatingNumber of MoviesPercentage


Movies Seen By Year

YearNumber of Movies Seen
Average Per Year
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Top 15 Most Repeatedly Viewed Movies

MovieNumber of Times Seen


Locations Seen Break Down 1

Location SeenNumber of MoviesPercentage


Top 15 Most Movies Seen on a Single Day

DateNumber of Movies Seen
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  1. The numbers here are a little skewed, especially movies seen in theaters. For the first few years of this database, I didn't keep track of each viewing separately; each viewing replaced the previous viewing. Therefore, if I saw a movie in the theater and subsequently watched it on HBO, the theater entry was lost, which is why there are so few theater entries.

    Additionally, DVDs have drastically altered the way I watch movies. Since viewing a movie on my home theater setup is not unlike a theater experience, and the cost of going to the theater keeps going up, my threshold of what movies I go to see in a theater has changed over the years. These days, I generally see movies in the theater when the movie going experience will be amazing in the theater that cannot be recreated at home, such as Spider-Man 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean, or if it's part of a date (which usually means a chick flick).